Pampers Mega Plus Baby-Dry Pants - Size 5, Pack of 84
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  • Up to 12 hours of dryness, in easy to change pants
  • The micro pearls absorb liquids up to 30 times their weight
  • Extra sleep-layer; quickly absorb liquids and locks them away from your baby's skin
  • Extra breathable: micropores enable vapour to travel from inside to outside of the diaper to help your baby stay dry
  • All around stretch: stretchy waistband and leg cuffs adapt to baby shapes and movements for a perfect fit in all positions.


Pampers Mega Plus Baby-Dry Pants - Size 5, Pack of 84 is available in Disposable Nappies

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Absorbent, Flexible Comfortable Fit, 20 Aug. 2015

Pampers are the normal brand of nappies and pull-ups that I use on my children and we normally use their Active Fit nappies and Easy-Ups for my two little ones and so it was nice to be able to try out their new Baby Dry Pants.

The Baby Dry pants are very similar to their Easy-Ups except that the waistband is a lot more elasticated and actually provides a bit of a better fit around the waist. They both have leg cuffs with an inside side wall to keep wetness and poops from spilling out and they both have a handy disposal tape on the backs for when rolling/folding the pant up after use. The new Baby Dry Pants feel slightly more flexible and are a little bit softer especially around the waist and they absorb wetness really well. For both pants you tear the sides to remove and both pants pull on like underpants/knickers so are really easy to use when out and about.

Both pants have a cartoon character on the front with Dora and Diego on the front of the Easy-Ups and...

This review is from: Pampers Mega Plus Baby-Dry Pants Size 4 - Pack of 94 (Personal Care)

Perfect for potty training - especially at night as they have the absorbency of a nappy so can deal with accidents, 28 Aug. 2015

We're a pampers family it has to be said (Easy Pull ups and Activ-Fit) but for some reason I hadn't tried these so I was delighted to be able to do so.

The fit is tremendous and after a full night's sleep there is absolutely no leakage - something that happens occasionally even with the Activ-Fit but I suspect the elasticated waist and cuffs are to thank for this. Removal is simple - tear at the sides and dispose.

I've tried these now on two babies - well one baby and one toddler and they really are just as good as the nappies for dryness and protection. However what I love about these is that they are more like pants. The toddler has just started potty training and I wanted an in between item - something that they can manage quickly but has the absorbency of a nappy for accidents which lets face it are definitely going to happen. The easy pull ups I would normally use can be pulled up and down quickly but they don't have the absorbency and they seem to be...

This review is from: Pampers Mega Plus Baby-Dry Pants - Size 6, Pack of 76 (Personal Care)

Perfect for nighttime, 19 Sept. 2015

I have always used Pampers with my 7 month old daughter and have been happy with the new baby and baby dry nappies. I was keen to try out these new pants to see how they compare to the traditional nappies.

First of all I have found these are excellent for nighttime use. After having some leaks when using size 3 baby dry nappies, I tried these pants on my baby and haven't had any leaks at all, despite being on for up to 14 hours.

As my daughter is now rolling during nappy changes I wondered if these would be quicker and easier to use. I didn't actually find them much quicker or easier but I imagine if you have a slightly older or more helpful baby then they would be more practical.

To remove the pants, you have to rip the sides so you can't re-stick them and also I was wary about ripping them as I put them on with a wriggly baby. My daughter is at the lower end of the weight range for these pants so it might become more of a problem for larger babies or...

This review is from: Pampers Mega Plus Baby-Dry Pants Size 4 - Pack of 94 (Personal Care)